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What is Blox? How does it work?

Blox is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to easily customize your Genesis powered website through the use of content blocks, all while firmly avoiding your functions.php file! It is not a tool for changing the colors of your theme. While it can wrangle styles, think more along the lines of banner images, dynamic content areas and custom footers. In other words, structural customization.

Get started in 5 simple steps…

Choose Your Content.

Begin by deciding what type of content you would like to add to your site. Perhaps a promotional banner or a sidebar call-to-action? Blox can handle nearly any task.

To help you get started, this plugin comes with four default options: raw content, editor content (utilizing the WordPress visual editor), static image or slideshow. Additional content types are available through add-ons.

Set The Position.

Once your content is finalized, it is then time to determine where on the page the content should display. Blox takes advantage of over 50+ Genesis Hooks allowing you to add content virtually anywhere on the page.

Blox can also target custom hooks, such as ones provided by other plugins or themes. Simply register the hooks you want to make available to Blox and you are good to go!

Determine The Location.

Content and position are set. Next up is location. Blocks come in two flavors, local and global. Local blocks allow you to add content directly from the editor to any single page, post or custom post type. With global blocks, you can add content to multiple pages as once using the powerful location selector. Precisely determine where you content should appear: all posts, a custom selection of pages, a specific post category, and more…

Define The Visibility.

Ok, so who should actually be able to see your new content block?

Blox includes conditional visibility settings that allows you restrict content to only those who meet your requirements. You can restrict by user role, hide from the public and more. You can also easily disable any block at any time. Need more functionality? Time and date visibility restrictions are available via the Scheduler Add-on.

Add Some Style.

Blox gives you the power to add virtually anything to your website, so the plugin purposefully includes minimal styling of it's own. That said, you are given everything you need to style your content, your way. Add custom classes, block specific CSS, global CSS and more.

While some general knowledge of CSS is recommended, we are always just a support ticket away if you need guidance!

Convinced? Great, lets get started…

Still not sure? Get your feet wet with Blox Lite. It’s completely free and available on

Features That Matter

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Unlimited Blocks

Blox allows you to create as many content blocks as you want, whether they are global or local blocks. There is no limit to your creativity and ambition!

Automatic Updates

Each purchase of Blox comes with one year of automatic updates. When a new version is ready, you will be prompted to update in your WordPress admin.


With 20 pages of Blox documentation and implementation tutorials (more to come), setting up Blox will be a breeze. You can always contact support too.


Need help getting started? Have a configuration question or a complex styling issue? We are here to help, just submit a support ticket!

Beautifully Integrated

Blox was designed to aesthetically integrate seamlessly with WordPress and your Genesis theme. From the admin interfaces to the frontend.

Developer Friendly

By definition, Blox is a developer’s plugin. Want to tweak or extend Blox? Go for it! We have included tons of hooks and filters specifically for this purpose.

Unleash the power of your Genesis theme!

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